When you start a world with Futurepack, you will be given a Mysterious Document. View this document and try to decipher what the first panel is hinting you toward. If possible, you should make an attempt to begin yourself. If you get stuck, feel free to return here and read the next section.

Technology of the Unreachable Edit

If you haven't discovered for yourself yet, Futurepack adds a lot of generation to the overworld, especially underground. To begin your journey, you should find an opening to a bunker. Bunkers can be found all over the world, the entrances can be easily found above ground, indicated by colorful metal blocks that have a ladder that goes all the way down to the bunker. In the bunker you can find plenty of resources and, most importantly, an [E-Scanner]. Check the next panel for a hint of what to do with the E-Scanner.

Environmental Scanner Edit

Congratulations, you have a shiny new E-Scanner. This scanner is imperative to beginning your adventure with Futurepack. To start, you need to go around scanning various blocks and creatures. You'll find, over time, that you'll begin finishing research. Once you unlock all 10 of them, it really starts to pick up. Having trouble? View the table below only if you're at your wit's end.

Research Scanned from